In with the new

Well hello all you little smashers! Glad you could pop in…

This blog is a replacement for my old blog “Do badgers like jam?”. I wasn’t very happy with the old site that I used. It was missing some features that are important to me and the editing system was not much cop. WordPress seems a lot more suited to my needs and I hope that I can settle in here and find my way round all the new tools.

So, on to the good stuff… The idea for my blog has always been to have somewhere I can ramble away to my hearts content about some of the things that go on in my noggin. However, I am also going to be including more of my art, design and creative writing as well as showcasing the work of other artists that inspire and thrill me. I will be sharing my musical tastes and my love of film. I might even have the odd jabber about some books and graphic novels.

By now you will have a pretty good idea of whether you want to stick around or not and I guess those that have decided not to stay have already buggered off so there is not much point in me writing this sentence. If you are still here then hooray! If you’re not here anymore, don’t worry we won’t talk about you behind your back.

Please, please feel free to take part in this blog. I love it when you join in and am always interested in what you chaps and chapesses have to say. I like to have a good old chin wag with me chums, it keeps me on my toes and sends me off on some fantastic tangents.  Don’t be shy :)

So that is about it as far as the introduction goes.


6 responses to “In with the new

  1. one little smasher signing in:)))

    beautiful look and feel of the blog, congratulations!
    I am really glad to read and see your art:)

    • Hey Vesna
      Great to see you… er or should that be read you… well you know what I mean.
      I’m glad that you like the look of the place, although not too much of that is down to me, just the template I chose with one of my photos slapped at the top :)
      I hope you can pop in every now and then for a bit of a chat!

  2. Hello Pete,
    I would love to join you here on your blog and read your ramblings and join in with a bit of my own. It will be a load of fun. Your blog is very impressively set up, you are a quite the creative and clever Purplecactus, I must say. So, count me in and we’ll have a smashing good time of it. :-) Lisa

    • Lisa! So glad you are here :)
      I am so looking forward to having some good old rambles with you about everything and nothing in particular. The page does look pretty nice doesn’t it but as I said to Vesna, that is mostly down to the site. I just chose a template and added a photo to the top. There are quite a few features that you can add so expect some little extras to appear over the next few days…

  3. Barbara Myers

    This is a nice place you have here. Sorry it took me so long to visit you.

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