I have been neglecting my camera of late as writing and design have been my main focus but today, I went for a stroll in the forest to see what I could see. As some of you will know, ferns are one of my favourite plants to photograph. I am so captivated by the begining and end of their lives. They start out out life as spirals and curls, from which they unfurl into the lush green leaves that we all recognise. As autumn sets in and winter starts to knock on the door they dry out and turn beautiful shades of chocolatey brown. When they start to die, it’s as though they are returning to their birth as they curl in on themselves, into what I believe to be their most beautiful form.

I often feel that plants, especialy flowers become most beautiful as they die. It is as though they are just so full of beauty that they can’t help themselves. The way the colours fade and slip through so many shades and hues is just delicious. Their form drips an alluring sadness that is hard to escape from. Truly wonderous.

The Fern in this shot is in it’s prime. The small part that I have chosen to focus on is the tip of a frond and is only about 2cm from top to bottom. I chose to remove the natural colours of it and it’s surrounding, to place the focus on the shape. I also used a very narrow depth of field to soften most of the leaves on the frond and the entire background. I wanted the centre attention to be that glorious curl.

I added two of my own textures, blended them in different ways in different areas, again to help highlight the curl and also to soften the negative space. A few tweaks of exposure, contrast and other levels and I was done.

I hope you like it…

2 responses to “Modesty

  1. Wonderful work !

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