I wanted to share some pieces with you, that I completed about a year ago. I was having a dabble with photo manipulations and also rendering my own models. I really enjoyed doing them but it is very time consuming and I was never completely happy about working with stock photographs. It just felt as though I did not have complete ownership over the finished work. Anyway They are just for fun and here they are. Click on an image to get information on stock images.

Sentinels was the first manipulation that I did. The most challenging thing I found with this piece was the shadows. They did not exist in the original shots and had to be created from scratch. Also getting objects to look as though they belong in a scene can be quite challenging. To start with the sentinels looked like they had been cut out of a magazine and glued onto the background. A very enjoyable job though and I think it turned out to be quite cool.

Visions was an idea that I had after I had created Sentinels. I loved the baren wasteland feel to it and the feeling that it had not always been that way, that some disaster had killed everything that once lived there. Visions was an extention of that thought I suppose. The view in the picture frame is a glimpse at what the landscape used to look like before. Before what, is up to the person looking at it but in my mind, it was those pesky humans at the root of it.

The getaway is simply a scene from one of the worlds that I drift off to every now and then. One day I will write a story about this world. There are fragments of it floating around in my head most of the time, they just need to be fitted together. This manipulation is probably my favourite. I really like the solitude not to menion the ridiculousness of it.

The dock is a follow up to The getaway and took the longest to complete. The dock itself was an absolute nightmare to mask and to get it to look part of the whole piece. Considering that it took so long, I am still not overly happy with this one. I guess that is how it goes sometimes.

The Corvus Zepp is a 3d model that I rendered from scratch. It took about 3 weeks to complete as I was learning to use the modeling software while I was creating it. I originaly created it to go into another manipulation but that is still a work in progress and has been on the back burner for some time now. I wanted to show off my creation though, so made up this Steam punk style advert for it. If you have never heard of steam punk, google it and check out some of the amazing worlds and contraptions as well as characters that have been created in this genre. I can’t get enough!

So there they are, for your delectation. I hope you enjoy looking as them as much as I did creating them.

7 responses to “Manipulations

  1. Hello PurplePete,
    First of all, love the manipulations you’ve done, I can’t quite get my head around how these things are actually done, but they look very good. My fav is “The Vision”, as I love the tilted frame with the before and after effect of the landscape captured between the frame and the real world. Love that idea. And, yes, just quietly, I would have to agree with your and say that it is those silly, thoughtless humans that do the most damage to this beautiful home we call Earth. I am very much interested in one day reading your story based on the Getaway image you created. I hope when you write the story, the characters will be wearing those lovely old style clothes, gorgeous. Must also tell you, that the Purplecactus on the balloon was not lost on me. Nice touch.

    Glad you enjoyed yourself as you created these and thanks so much for sharing them.

    Now I must move on and ramble about choosing books and such :-)x

    • Liiiiiiisaaaaaa!!!
      I think that the Getaway world will feature in a story that is brewing in my head at the moment. It is going to be about travelling to different worlds. It basicaly an extention of “The traveller” piece that I wrote on redbubble. I just need a plot, characters, time period, some new worlds, a begining, a middle and an end and I will be able to start… ;O

  2. Hi Pete,
    your creativity has no limits, I truly enjoyed watching but I doubt it is as much pleasure as working on them. I could imagine the joy of creating the perfect shadow or the texture:)
    I’ll be away from the internet for a week and I look forward to see your news posts when I come back.
    Have a smashing week my friend.

    • Hey Vesna
      Blimey, I wish my creativity did have no limits, then I would be able to draw and paint and not have to rely on machines to do most of the work for me :) I appreciate your comment very much and am flattered that you think that.
      I hope you have a great week doing whatever it is you will be doing. Hmmm, maybe paddling a canoe down the Amazon river? Well, part of it anyway as you are only away for a week. Or perhaps you are trying to set a new world record for staying in a bath of custard for the longest time. What about taking your final exam to become an astronaut? Teaching your pet pig to roller blade? Well whatever it is have a blast and I’ll see you when you get back

  3. Sounds like you’ve got that storyline for Getaway under control then and won’t be long till you get started on it !!!!! NOT.

    I actually only wanted to say that I did read your piece, The Traveller, on RB a while ago but didn’t comment. It was one of those pieces whereby it leaves a rather strong impression on ones mind and I wanted to go away and contemplate over it for a wee bit before commenting. It was a wonderfully insightful piece of writing, one that I related to, to the core, which is way it had such an impact on me, for I too am a traveller and notice the smallest of things and finding beauty where others pass it by. I won’t go into it as I would be talking all day about the tiny world I see and love on a day to day basis. It was just such a lovely thing to see how you put it in to words with such clarity and I especially loved that you had a name for it, A Traveller. That’s just beautiful.

    I haven’t read that new Zusak book yet either, look forward to your review of it later.

    Bye for now 8>)

  4. WOW!!
    that ‘dock’ is *fantastic*, and i am absolutely waiting (impatiently) for the story that goes with it and ‘the vision,’ which is so gorgeous. i have to agree with you, it is so hard to make the bits seem as if they actually belong, and you did amazing work, these all look completely blended, i don’t know how you do it! excellent work on the shadows. as for ‘visions,’ i thought when i saw it that the window was a pathway–i will choose to go back through it, thank you, as though this barren landscape is very beautiful in its own way, i rather like all that green :D

    • I am thrilled that you like them Zoe. I think the secret with the blending is just patience and taking it slowly. I use a pen tablet for all of my editing work, which makes it much easier and gives me much more control. The story is brewing away nicely but I think it is going to be a long one, so I am not sure how long it will take. maybe I will post some teasers…

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