Redbubble Features and comp results

It’s trumpet blowing time! toot toot…

Conform was placed in the top 10 for the Power of simplicities, Brown challenge

All at  sea was placed in the top 10 for the Power of simplicities, Cuppa challenge

Captain Beaky won the Predominantly black challenge also in The power of simplicity My first competition win on Redbubble

Tomorrow never comes was featured in Touched by fire (as well as being featured in their blog) and Featured writers

Tomorrow never comes

AmI strong enough to find my way
to find myself
Am I the stranger
or is the land in which I live
stranger still

I tell myself that I don’t care
what others think
and yet I hide
within myself
dreaming of what I am too scared to become
Hating myself because of it

I know that I have wings
but keep them folded
I want to fly
Soar with those that I admire
but fear weighs me down

How can it be
that I can’t be me
That I can’t admit
who I am
I chain myself down
I lock myself up
Prisoner and jailer in one

Maybe tomorrow
I say to myself
That day never comes
And so here I am
waiting for a day
Waiting for a way
to set myself free

The lips of strangers was featured in Speaking out

The lips of strangers

Something stirs
a gentle movement in the air
A whisper
born from the lips of strangers
given with no thought of reward

The air
so still
for so long
now moves across my skin
A feeling
A promise of things to come

What was a whisper
becomes a breeze
I shrug my dark cloak to the floor
Light strikes me
Hard and raw
So strong
I am on my knees

Then rising slowly
I feel it’s warmth
Your breeze helps me to stand
I arch my back
My wings spread wide
And finaly

My feet lift from the ground

Foresaken was featured in the Depth of field group

Thanks very much to everyone who voted for my work in the competitions and also to the wonderful hosts of the groups that have featured my work

You can read all of my writing as well as purchase my art and some rather funky t-shirts and stickers. Interested? Just click right HERE

3 responses to “Redbubble Features and comp results

  1. That’s great, congrats !!!!
    All wonderful images.

  2. One day I hope to be able to create wonderful images like you have :)

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