10 things – just bits and bobs

From time to time I thought that I could share some things about me, so that you can all get to know me a bit better. The entries will be called 10 things. Sometimes they will be about specific subjects, such as music tastes, books, art, pet hates… You get the idea and other entries will just be random stuff about your purple pal.

For this first entry I am going to write some random facts, so here goes…

1  ◊   I love tea (any of you that have come over from the old blog will be well aware of this). Strong black tea with a couple of sugars and some milk. There is no better drink on earth.

2  ◊   I hate fried eggs. The texture on the underneath makes my skin crawl. Scrambled, boiled, poached even omlette… All smashing but you can keep your fried ones to yourself!

3  ◊   I run about 8km everyday. Well I say everyday but at the moment the temperature is not getting below 30°C even at night so I am not doing as much as I should.

4  ◊   I once dressed up as a Dodo from alice in wonderland for a carnival in my hometown of Dover in England. I was about 9 at the time and looked rather groovy I’ll have you know.

5  ◊   I love movies. I have close to 300 films on dvd and my collection is growing all the time.

6  ◊   If I could chose to be any animal for a day, I would be dolphin. How much fun would it be out at sea, with all that agility and power, surfing on unbroken waves and all that leaping and twisting malarky.

7  ◊   While we are on the subject of animals, my favourite animal is the Elephant. So much power and yet so delicate and dextrous. They can pick up nuts with their nose for goodness sake!

8  ◊   I can juggle balls and clubs as well as some tricks with Diablo, devil sticks and poy.

9  ◊   I can’t stand football

10  ◊   I used to be in a rock n roll band called The Reefer headmen. I played bass guitar and did a little singing from time to time

So there you have my first 10 things. If there is a subject that you would like to know about, then let me know and I will see if I can find 10 things on that subject too. Infact you can write to me about anything you like, don’t be shy, leave a comment and make me smile :)

3 responses to “10 things – just bits and bobs

  1. Well, you little purple smasher, you made this Aussie girl smile from ear to ear reading your 10 random bits and bobs. Lovely and yes, it is a great way to learn more about you. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every one, having a bit of a chuckle to myself doing so. Especially about the fried eggs…Mmmmm, yum, I love fried eggs and it made me laugh how much they disgust you. I wanted to really try and talk about and describe that lovely texture underneath a fried egg, you know, the shiny smooth bit and then you get those crunchy little brown edges around it as it splatters away, the white sometimes not quite cooked firm enough…anyway, I wanted to try and make you squirm a little, cruel, I know…sorry…but it was just too funny and tempting not to.
    Ok. So, I have something I would like you to list for me if you please.

    It will be extremely difficult I’m sure, but would you be able to name your top 10 favourite movies and why? A challenge for someone owning so many movies, that is why I’m curious. Or at least tell me 10 things about one of your favourite movies, something about movies would be great.
    Thanks purplepete…..keep smiling :-) x

    • Well now that I have recoverd from your malicious fried egg attack, I can reply to your note :evil:

      I am not very good at top 10’s, I can never make up my mind. I might be able to narrow it down to a top 50 or so but that would take ages to write and bore the kecks off everyone. How about I do you a list of 10 movies that I love? I will give you reasons why and maybe even some favourite lines and clips (but only if you are good and eat all your dinner).

  2. Deal. 10 movies you love and why would be fantastic. I would never be able to compile a top 10 list of anything so I know what you mean. I’ll eat all my dinner, including fried eggs..mmm..so look forward to seeing your movie list. Thanks Purple :-) x

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