The others…

For me, part of the enjoyment I get from art and writing comes from the people I meet along the way. There are many people out there who’s art inspires and thrills me and a lot of the time they don’t realise how good they are. Some of these artists are bloody marvelous people too and I owe them a great deal.

From time to time I will be featuring some of the people that I have come across. All of These people have touched me in some way and this is my attempt at saying thanks and hopefuly giving them some exposure (even if it is only the 4 people that read this :) )

For this first feature I am going to introduce to two of the smashers that I will be featuring in more depth later on. Please use the links, which will take you to the artists redbubble pages. There, you can browse more of their work and even buy some of it, if the urge takes you…

LisaMM has to be first as she is my best bubble bud. Lisa is both an artist and a writer and does both with equal grace and beauty and a pinch of humour.

This amazing work, Endangered Species was created using nib and brushes. This just oozes with Lisa’s talent and speaks of an almost forgotten art, that of pen and paper.

From a view into times gone by, Lisa now brings us bang up to date with this clever and witty poem. Lisa seems to have two sides to her poetry. One is light hearted and full of life and the other is a lot deeper and heart wrenching. I decided to post one of her lighter works as she makes me smile so much

Always Busy by LisaMM

I’m so busy
very busy
as busy as a bee.
Phone is ringing
no time for talking
send a text to me.
I’ll send one back
in t9 dict format
now won’t that just be sweeeeet.

I’m so busy
very busy
busy can’t you see!
Yes, I’ll send that letter
What! pen and paper
what a quaint idea.
I’ll email it through
straight to you
as easy as can be.

I’m so busy
waaaay too busy
24-7 each day
lunch is fine
I’ll find the time
This salads great
excuse me a text
I’ll just be a sec
as I text right back
LOL, must reply
FYI won’t be a minute,
oh, is that the time
I really must fly
lunch was divine
must do it again some time!

I’m so busy,
always busy,
let me check my diary
no pages here
more keys to press
oops wrong month wrong year
bare with me
here we are
now let me see
Oh NO, sorry….I’m busy.

Home to bed,
I’m soooo exhausted
My fingers sore
from so much talking !

Now we move on to an artist who calls herself The novice and she is one of the most humble artists I have come across. Louise has a wonderful natural talent for photography and shows this through her beautiful nature close-up’s and some delicious food photography. Her eye for composition is matched only by her attention to detail. Well here you go, see for yourself…

This first piece, Chocoholic is one of my favourites from her collection. It is beautifully and thoughtfully arranged and her choice of shots used in this triptych are just perfect.

My second choice, Serendipity is this delicious little beauty. To me this plant looks as though it is made from delicate porcelain. Louise’s choice of aperture keeps the focus strongly in the foreground, leaving just a hint of plant behind and removing any cluttered detail in the distance. Perfect

So there you have an little introduction to two wonderful artists. There will be a more in depth feature of each individual person later in the series. If you like what you see then why not subscribe to my blog to get email notifications of new posts, so you won’t miss a thing.

7 responses to “The others…

  1. You are amazing . Simply amazing :)

  2. Hello my Sweet PurplePete,
    I am honoured, chuffed, and mighty delighted by your wonderfully kind and generous words. Thank you so much you sweet thing you.
    You do know how to make me smile :-) x

  3. wow! these are beautiful tributes to wonderful artists. i’m going to have to go digging for some chocolates now :) that photo is a gorgeous teaser! thank you for the introduction to their work!

    • Hey Zoe! Glad you like the teasers. Your comment about digging for chocolates made me chuckle. I can just imagine you in a hard hat with a little pick axe, down in your chocolate mine digging away :mrgreen:

  4. What a beautiful post:)))
    I love Lisa’s work, it is briliant. Her ideas are so great, what a beautiful mind!
    Here it all has a really new spin, presented by generous, friendly, funny you, Pete:)))


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