Redbubble Features and comp results

It’s been a great week for me on the bubble with no less than 6 features and a top ten competition placing. I would like to say a huge thanks to the hosts of the groups and to everyone who voted for me.

Modesty was featured in Split tone black and white

Natures wonder was also featured in the same group.

My Bottle top tee shirt was featured in Graphic arts

Too much is never enough was featured in Touched by fire and appears in the blog of the same name


…Such a simple word
A single syllable
Spoken in whispers
Shouted in pain
Mouthed in silence
Screamed in anger…

The lips of strangers was featured in Featured writers


…Something stirs
a gentle movement in the air
A whisper
born from the lips of strangers
given with no thought of reward…

A town called Drab was eatured in Freedom to shine


…Never has there been a town that suits it’s name as completely as that of Drab. Long ago the people of Drab abandoned the surface to live underground, to be closer to the coal that was both the source of their power and of the cause of their colourless existence.The buildings in Drab were hewn from the rock itself and sooner or later were covered with the dark soot that came from the coal fires and furnaces…

And last but not least Conform was placed in the top ten for the Lost with brown challenge in Lost in space

I am blown away by all these features. It is such a thrill to be chosen from among such amazing art and writing. Huge congratulations to all the other featured artists.


10 responses to “Redbubble Features and comp results

  1. congratulations! every one of those works deserved its praise and feature! Obviously, I need to go read about Drab, now…

  2. A big fat congratulations to you my dear friend. I am not surprised though, as your work is breathtakingly stunning and so well deserved. It is wonderful you are being discovered and your talent recognised. Well, I’m off now to make some FRIED EGGS for breakfast…Mmmmm :-) xxx

    • I should never have told you that I hate fried eggs :evil: It is an amazing feeling to be getting all these features. i just hope that we hear aout our new group soon so that we can start dishing out this feeling to other people!

  3. Barbara Myers

    I told you that you are amazing. So happy you are shouting a little. More smiles you way :))

  4. That’s fabulous, congrats !!!

  5. your work is stunning… so glad you joined RB… Teacup.. x

    • Hey Teacup! So happy that you could come and play :) I really hope you can pop by for a chat from time to time. Thanks for your kind comment, I am glad I joined the bubble too as I got to meet smashing people like you

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