10 things… Movies

My smashing friend Lisa asked me to post 10 movies that I love and the reasons why, so here goes…

1   ◊   The fall

This film is a visual masterpiece, with stunning cinematography. The use of colour and shape is beatutiful and the composition of the sets and the way the scenes are put together is genial to say the least. The characters are colourful and the visuals are almost upstaged by the little girl, who I dare you not to fall in love with. Fantasy, drama, adventure, sadness, triumph, beauty…what more could you want?

2  ◊  Rumblefish

What can I say? This movie is genius and that is all there is to it. It’s chocker block with great actors, giving performances that they seem to have been born for. It’s dark, brooding and spills over with cool. This film played a big part in my youth and just watching the trailer whisks me back to those golden years.

3  ◊  Starwars IV

If you don’t know why this is on my list, then you must be from another planet. ‘Nuff said…

4  ◊  Flash Gordon

“Gordon’s Alive!?” “Flash I love you but we only have 14 hours to save the earth” “Prepare her for our pleasure” “Go flash go” “Bring me the bore worms… No not the bore worms!” “Onward my brave Hawkmen! Let this be known forever as Flash Gordon’s Day!”       With lines like these, a soundtrack from Queen, plus Brian Blessed, how could you not love this film???

5  ◊  300

Another visual feast for you and in my opinion cinematography does not get any better than this. This film also appeals to the boy in me, dreaming of being a Spartan and fighting the immortals… Brilliant!

6  ◊  Shawshank redemption

A wonderful story of hope amidst adversity,  friendships, triumphs, cruelty and strength. The character development is great and the story draws you in superbly. One of the best films of all time

7  ◊  Oh brother, where art though?

I don’t think the trailer does the movie justice but then again, I don’t know how you could summarize this film in just a couple of minutes. Based on Homers Oddysey, this film is full of gentle humour and endearing characters. I am not a fan of George Clooney but this is his finest hour, beyond any doubt. He just acts his socks off and steals the show. This is not your average, run of the mill film but I think it’s a cracker.

8  ◊  Platoon

Hailed as one of the best anti war films of all time, platoon is a rollercoaster ride of good versus evil. A stellar cast brings this movie alive and the battle scenes will leave you breathless. Confusion reigns and battles are fought, not just against the enemy but against each other and also internally. A glorious film that never fails to blow me away

9  ◊  Silence of the lambs

What a film! Jodie foster in her best role and Anthony Hopkins in the role that was made for him. Perfection! Scary, suspenceful, dramatic, dark, moody… Need I go on? Turn out the lights, lock the door and get involved

10  ◊  The unforgiven

Cracking story, great actors, brilliantly directed an dproduced. A classic, modern day Western with all the right ingredients that boils down to a battle between a dying breed of gunslingers out for one last scrap, in a world that has no need for them any more. Smasheriffic!

So there you have 10 films that I rate very highly. This was so difficult for me to write. Choosing just 10 films was harder than Hardy McHard, the mayor of Hardsville (and he is pretty hard let me tell you).

So now it’s your turn! I would love to know 10 films that you love or 5 or even just one. If you have a fave, let me know. If you have anything to say about my selection, then click on that comment button and let me hear it. Me and the rest of the movie watching world want to know :)

15 responses to “10 things… Movies

  1. I have seen 7 out of your 10 picks and of those 7, I can totally relate as to why you chose them. Briliant movies for so many different reasons. I too loved them all. I chuckled when I saw you’d picked “O’Brother…” as I loved that also, so much so, I even bought the soundtrack. I’ll always remember George Clooneys character and his hair cream. He he heeeeee. Jodie Fosters trembling hands holding the gun haunts me from that movie..scary scary scary….I haven’t seen your numbers 1, 2 and 4 picks. Thanks for writing this up, it is a hard thing to do, deciding on just ten, but you’ve done a sterling job and I really appreciate it Purple. Enjoyed watching and reading all your views. I’ll post you my list soon…I’ll sleep on it. zzzzzz….zzzzzzzzz :-)

    • YOu have to watch The fall and rumblefish Lisa, they are both amazing films. As for Flash Gordon, well I don’t know how you sleep at night. It is a cult classic and to have not watched it is, quite frankly almost unforgiveable ;) he he

  2. Okey dokey…I will hunt out The Fall and Rumblefish and watch them…The Fall does look very beautiful.I’ll let you know what I think. As for Flash Gordon, well, I sleep very well at night knowing he is out there protecting the world :-) I am closer to finishing my list of 10 movies for you. Have 6 so only 4 more to pick. It would be great Purps if some other people would join you here and tell you some of their movies. It’s a great little social networking idea and I for one am loving your blog :-)

  3. Hi Pete,
    same as Lisa I will hunt for The Fall and Rumblefish. I also didn’t see 300 and Flash Gordon but I saw all the rest of the movies and I can say, we wouldn’t have a fight over what movie to watch:) I like all your choices:)
    I really didn’t think too much what are my favorite 10, but just on top of my mind this is what I have:
    1. Ordinary people
    2. Amelie
    3. Out of Africa
    4. Mediteraneo
    5. One flew over the cookoos nest

    And I’ll think a bit more and come back to you:)
    Thanks for the great conversation, as always:)

    • One flew over the cuckoos nest is a great film. I love the idea of him being sane but fitting in so well with the other patients and helping them to find themselves again after being treated so badly by the evil nurse. Cracking stuff and Jack Nicholson is just perfect for his role.

      I have not heard of Mediteraneo and have not seen your other three choices. I will have been meaning to watch Amelie for a while now, so I will get to it and let you know what I think.

      Out of Africa is a romantic film, if I remember correctly. I am all for a bit of romance but not in movies. I hate it when a film finishes with the “hero” kissing the girl, infact it has ruined some great films in my opinion. Titanic would be a pretty good movie if it wasn’t for all that lovey dovey stuff ;)
      That said, there are some films that pull it off but most fall well short of the mark. Ooh I had a bit of a rant there…

  4. Hi Pete,
    I have finally come up with a list of 10 movies I love for different reasons. Here they are:
    1. Amelie (great to see it on Vesna’s list too :-) )
    2. Lust Caution.
    3. To Kill a Mockingbird
    4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    5. Castaway
    6. Romeo and Juliet
    7. Lord of the Rings
    8. The Prestige
    9. Monsoon Wedding
    10. Tombstone

    How many have you seen of these Purps? Some are girly ones so maybe not a few I’d guess. Let me know what you think. And Vesna, I LOVE Ordinary People also, brilliant movie. Great twist.
    See ya PurplePete :-) x

    • Ok here goes. Amelie is going to be watched in the next day or so, so stay tuned… Never heard of lust caution but I do know it’s directed by Ang Lee, who directed Crouching tiger hidden Badger and Brokeback mountain so it’s probably pretty good. Just a little snippet for you here. If you have read the book “Life of Pi” you will be excited to know that Ang Lee is going to be directing the film version sometime in the near future. If you haven’t read the book, then you must, it’s fantastic.

      I have not seen To kill a mockingbird but probably should. Eternal sunshine is Jim Carrey, so I will probably never see it as I can’t stand that idiot! Romeo and Juiliet has a young Leonardo so I will probably never see that either. I think he was highly overrated when he was young, with his only good film (in my opinion) being The Quick and the dead. Now however he has grown into a pretty good actor and is chosing his roles better.

      I have seen The Prestige but don’t remember much about it. Maybe I should give it another go and see if it makes more of an impact the second time round. Monsson wedding is just not my kind of film at all. Family dramas just depress the whatsname out of me.

      Castaway is a great film and is in my collection. Great work by Tom Hanks and of course, Wilson… Love all the lord of the rings films although Frodo does get on my nips quite a bit of the time. But that is the actors fault. I guess the best thing about him playinga role like that is that it killed his career dead. Lastly, Tombstone… Glorious film and also in my collection. Val Kilmer is “a daisy” in his role. Bloody Marvelous

      Thanks so much for joining in the fun Lisa. I agree it would be smashing to have more people join in. Maybe more will come and play as time ticks by. The more the merrier I say :)

  5. Pete, you MUST see Lust Caution, it is intense and brilliant and definitely NOT the lovey dovey happy ending. I have read Life of Pi so am excited to see the upcoming movie. Now, I thought of another one to add, PERFUME, movie of the book. Have you seen it or read the book. I love,love, love the book and the movie is pretty bloody good too. Now, Tombstone, yesssss, it is a big fav of mine. Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday…He’s my Huckleberry :-)

  6. Oh, and Pete, you really should leave your opinion of Jim Carrey aside and watch Eternal Sunshine….he is not the usual overacting idiot that I dislike also, he is a serious character in this one and the concept of the movie is brilliant and it stayed with me. I loveed it. Please try and have a wee peek at it, I think you’d like it. Pretty Pleeeeeease. :-) x

  7. Forgot…really need to mention that the PERFUME I am talking about is the movie based on the novel by Patrick Suskind. I believe there is another movie called Perfume, but it’s not that one. Just to make sure you know which one I mean. See ya :-)

    • Okey dokey, Lust Caution is on my list to watch in the near future and I will also give eternal sunshine a go. If Carey makes me want to stick jelly babies in my ears though, you can expect a good telling off young lady…

  8. I saw “Lust, caution” it is wonderful! I agree with Lisa:)
    I was thinking to add it on my list too. It really doesn’t matter what is the movie about if it does somthing to you, isn’t it?:)
    And Pete thank you so much for visiting my blog:) I was very happy to see your comment there, I am still catching up on the communication after the vacation.

    I’ll be back:)

    • You girls and your lusty films!! I am going to watch it in th enext week or so and will certainly let you know what I think. It was my pleasure to visit your blog, infact it was so cool I am going to go back there right now :)

  9. Barbara Myers

    Hey Pete here is my list.
    1)The Thin Man (1934)
    2) After The Thin Man (1936)
    3) Another Thin Man (1939)
    4) Shadow of the Thin Man (1941)
    5) The Thin Man Goes Home (1944)
    6) Song of the Thin Man.(1947)
    7) Gone With The Wind (1939)
    8) Legend of THe Fall (1994)
    9) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)
    10 Sound of Music (1965)
    Old flicks are the best, though Brad Pitt did manage to get one semi current one in there.

    • Hey Barb!

      The thin man and it’s sequels are detective flicks aren’t they? I have to say that I have not watched them but have heard of them. Legends of the fall is a wonderful film and one I have watched many times and the 1971 version of Willy Wonka with Gene Wilder is an absolute corker!

      A great and original list Barb. Smashing stuff!!

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