The others (part 2)…

Hello, good evening and welcome to the second installment of The others…

Tonight I am going to be featuring two people that create fantastic art and write amazing stories. That however is where their similarity ends. Well thats not quite true, they are both flaming marvelous artists, wonderful people, er… they are also both appearing on my blog and the both bubble like crazy so there are quite a few similarities I suppose. Anyway… On with the show!

Lets start off with Zoequixote. Zoe has a wonderful story teller living in her head and occasionaly she comes out and plays…

Her are 2 extracts from the wonderfully bizarre Escape

“The field was filled with little people, half of them clad in red and the other half in green.

On the planet of Zrmrfg, this was considered war.

Half of the inhabitants would dress in red, and the other half in green, and the two leaders, who invariably resided on an entirely different planet, would give them the instructions to a game, like chess, or, if they were really drunk, maybe dominoes.

One guy would say, ‘Ok, red shirt number four move to square D4,’ and the other guy would stare for a while and then say, ‘No, you can’t do that, that’s against the rules, the bishop can only go diagonally.’ And the first guy would say, ‘Who says that’s the bishop? I moved it like a rook because it is one.’ And they would argue like that until the piece in question would have to be shot to resolve the confusion, and the board reset, and the game returned to the beginning…”


“…That Great Thinker had, one sunshiny day, under the influence of a gentle and jasmine-scented breeze which wafted across an especially moderate early Sunday morning smog, uttered these unforgettable words: ‘How nice it would be to stroll through the soft, damp leaves of a cool mountain trail, stopping here and there to pet a small yet trusting furry animal, until my muscles began to feel the warmth of use and untied themselves, unhinging the humps in my back and reshaping my frightfully flat fanny!’.. “

Sharing the penthouse suite in Zoe’s noggin is an artist. He has been living with the writer for some time now and I think he may be a bit mad…

If this has given you a taste for more then just click one of the blue words to be transported to the wonderful world of Zoequixote. Look it’s one of those blue words right there, just before this sentence. Go on have a little click, you can even buy her art to put on your wall. How groovy is that!


Next up is Ian Osborne. Ian’s artworks are beautiful watercolours of those things that catch his eye. To be honest it is next to impossible to chose which pieces to post here as they are all so amazing. I have settled on two that I think you will adore…

Two doorways

Market scene, Montbron, France

Ian also has a marvelous way of spinning a yarn…

Big Bessie

“The competition to grow the biggest marrow was becoming fiercer every year, and I sat out with a shotgun each night guarding Bessie. If she didn’t win the purple rosette, I’d not only eat my hat, I’d eat my head as well.

Alf Chalmers was in turmoil. He knew I was going to beat him, and I should have known better than to try and match him pint for pint that Saturday in the Drunken Duck.

I must have dozed off, and when I woke up Bessie was gone.

I called the police and told them to look for the marrow at Alf’s place; and that’s where they found it.

He must have slipped as he was manhandling it from the flatbed. It took four men to lift Bessie off his body.

In the end the purple rosette went to that bastard Monty Carstairs.

I ate my head.”

Ian has a brilliant series about the colourful characters living in a place called Santa Catarina. I can highly recomend a glass of cold beer or maybe something a little more vintage, while you sit down and read all about them. Here is another of those cunningly fashioned links to whisk you away to Ian’s profile. Enjoy…

9 responses to “The others (part 2)…

  1. what a fun and generous write-up, and i’m very pleased to discover ian’s works, here– that last line is quite a zinger! :D

  2. Wonderful selection Pete, I adore Zoe’s work, ever since I met her it is me that is mad (without her:)), she is my inspiration and support.
    Ian’s work is wonderull too, beautiful paintings and really fun writing. I have noticed the color purple there…you can’t be really objective, can’t you:)) Just joking, it is so great what you are doing, I am very happy to have met you.

    • I am glad that you like it all. All of the people that I feature on my blog have to have something else apart from being great artists and that is that they need to be smashing people too. Only the smashingest smashers allowed here :))

  3. Great choices of artists Pete. I had previously met Zoe through the blog you did on my work and I just love her art work and fascinating stories behind her pieces. It’s all the delicious detail I adore in Zoes pen work, it’s just brilliant, or perhaps even, dare I say it…smashing.
    Ian’s paintings are absolutely beautiful. His work just oozes warmth and atmosphere and I love alllll his work. You’re right, very hard to just pick a few to highlight his talent.
    This is a great thing you are doing here Pete, showcasing other artists. You have a very kind and generous spirit. I, like Vesna, and very glad to have met you :-)

    • Well I’m glad to have met all you lot too! It’s all starting to get a little crazy though… I am starting to have trouble keeping up with all the replies and commenting on work, writing the blog and creating new stuff, plus the facebook page and blah blah blah, listen to me moaning about all the great stuff that is happening. I don’t mean fot it to sound like that but boy its all go in the typing and mouse clicking department for me

  4. Hey Pete, there’s no need to reply to my comments on your blog as I am commenting on what you have already commented on, what you have showcased for our enjoyment. I am happy to drop by and leave a note for you to read to acknowledge your fine efforts dear chap. I will not in anyway be offended if you don’t reply to my comments so there’s one less right there for you to not worry about. Smashing don’t ya think. Have a nice day :-)

  5. Hi Pete,
    I hope you’ll use your time to create more smashing stuff rather then writing comments ( as much as I enjoy them too). As in anything in life, just do what you feel like and us that we like you we’ll like you anyway:) No need to be formal, let’s count on deeper understanding:)
    Have a smashingly creative day:)

  6. Vesna….beautifully expressed :-)

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