Ooh it’s a slideshow…

I have made a couple of slideshows from my photographs before and each time I make one, I think to myself Hmm I really must do some more of these but then my mind wanders off somewhere else and its a few months before I make another one, by which time I have forgotten how to use the editor and have to start from scratch (blimey that was a long sentence). Well it’s a few months since I made the last one and I have been blundering my way around the slideshow editor again and have come up with something new.

It features some of my photographs that you may have not seen before, which is all very exciting. Well it’s not very exciting, maybe just a little bit exciting. Like finding that there is still a piece of cake left in the tin, when you thought you had eaten it all. Er… where was I?  I have kept it fairly short but if people like it I may do another one quite soon, so please let me know what you think. I have also uploaded it to you-tube so you can probably find it on there too, if you are so inclined. Anyhoo, here it is for all to see… Oh almost forgot, there is music too so make sure you have your speakers on. The track is Gambrinus by Loyko.

7 responses to “Ooh it’s a slideshow…

  1. wooooooow! this is so beautiful! the music is perfectly matched to the mood of your photos, and so lovely also. and these photos are all gorgeous, but the one at :58 is exquisite, and the opening and closing slide are such a beautiful idea.
    luscious! and thank you for introducing me to this music!

    • Thanks so much Zoe. Hmmm that is interesting that you like the Catkin shot at :58 so much. I was not sure about including it as I have never been really happy with it. That shot is pretty much straight out of the camera and I think that’s why I am not so fond of it. The more work I do on a shot, the more I seem to become attached to it. The music is cool isn’t it :)

  2. WOW!!! What a treat that was to watch and listen to. An absolute delight. That music is fantastic, I must go out and buy it, it moved me and I love music that has that effect. Your pics Pete, well, what can I say….SPEC-TAC-U-LAR !!! I let out a few wow’s as I watched, especially that leaf with the drop of water lingering on it’s lip. Beautiful. Well, you really must do more of these, it was such a joy to watch. Thanks.
    Murph :-)

  3. it is splendid:)
    I love it all, especially the feather on 0:32 and the little blue flowers on 1:35 :)))
    what a nice treat for me tonight to see this (few times:)), thank you Pete

  4. Beautiful*!* I found my way here from Zoe’s

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