10 things… Music

I have been so busy recently with setting up my new group on Redbubble and editing all the new graphics and stuff on Purple Cactus Clobber as well as doing some digital painting and designing new tee shirts that I have been neglecting this blog a little. I thought I would catch up with a new 10 things…  Even this is a bit of a cheat because I actually wrote it a couple of months ago but I still love and listen to all the music on here so it’s all good I suppose.

If you click the links, you should be whisked away to other places so that you can sample the music for yourself. Who kows you might find some new choons…

1.Jace Everett – I suppose this guy would fall under the label of modern-country but there are elements of blues and jazz mixed in there too. His voice and the way he uses it sets him apart for me. Moody, guttural, primal and powerful.

2.Jamie T – This guy is from South London and lets his accent shine through in his work. His musical style is a mix of rap, reggae and ska, with some modern punk thrown in for good measure. He tackles slow accoustic numbers through to high energy stompers with prowess and grace, which is not easy to do with a south London accent

3.Datarock – Norwegian electronica. Their music has strong attatchments the world of the internet and and gaming but don’t let this put you off. You might have heard their work on a Coke or iPod advert or knocking around on various console game soundtracks. This is music to buy some huge headphones for!

4.Monster Magnet – I have to admit that I have only heard their latest album, 4 way diablo but it is a corker. Anyone who knows my photography will probably remember that I have a set called little bag of gloom… Well this is the album that gave me that title and the song of the same name is one of my all time favourite songs and if you click the link you can even here it. If you like rock music then give these guys some of your time

5.MGMT – Indie dance electronic rock with a psychedelic twist. The band used to be called The management but now are known as these letter M G M T. Listen and love

6.The Subways – British garage/indie rock. Edgy, raw, gritty rock n roll what more could you ask for?

7.Ash Grunwald – Deep growling delta blues mixed with country, electric guitar and plenty of soul. This Australian musician is my most played at the moment.

8.John Butler trio – Rock, blues, roots, bluegrass with banjo, harmonica, maracas and all kinds of lovely goodness. Just get some!

9.Mr Oizo – The first thing you need to know is that it’s pronounced Monsieur wah-zoh. The next thing that you need to know is that it’s flat beat, techno, french electronica. The final thing you need to know is that it rocks!

10.Simian mobile disco – Dance, electronic house music. I have only just got the album Temporaray pleasure and am still getting used to it. Some of it is yet to grow on me but then some of my favourite artists slowly grew on me like a nice warm comfy beard in the winter…

Well there you go. I hope all the links work, please let me know if they don’t. I would love to know what you are listening to at the moment, so why not leave me a little comment and let me know :)

One response to “10 things… Music

  1. hi Purps, sorry I haven’t dropped by sooner,knew I’d bet back here into the depths again soon though and taaadaaaaa here I am.
    Well, let me see…I haven’t checked your links here as yet, just popped by for a quick squizzy….Love that you’ve got the fab Aussie band, John Butler Trio there, they do have a fantastic sound. The only other two I have listened to are Jamie.T and MGMT. Hmmm,I haven’t got time just this minute, but I will pop back soon and have a good listen to all of these. I am rather curious as to what you do listen to purps so it will be fun.
    Must fly….catch ya later :-) x

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