Cartoon time…

It’s overcast and gloomy outside, which is quite pants considering that it is August and I don’t live in England anymore. I thought I had escaped dismal summers by leaving the funny shaped island behind me but it seems that the weather has finally found me and is getting it’s own back.

Anyway, what better way to pass a gloomy sunday morning than by watching cartoons. Not only do I get to be cheered up by I also get to slip back to my childhood. If only I had kept my starwars figures and action man stuff I would be set for the entire day…

An all time favourite of mine is Hong kong fooey. Afterall, he is the number one super guy…

Now the next one is an animation not a cartoon but it is pure genius so it has get a look in. Don’t you open that trap door, cos there’s something down there…!

Never has there been such a warm and gentle cartoon as Mr Benn. They just don’t make cartoons like this anymore. Come to that I am not sure they make children that would watch a cartoon like this anymore. Before you watch this one, make yourself a hot chocolate and wrap yourself up in your duvet, then just wait for those words… “As if by magic, the shopkeeper appeared”

If I could have had one wish when I was a kid it would have been to be Jason from Battle of the planets. I used to peg it home from school to watch this. TRANSMUTE!

(this is just part one of the episode as they are about 25 mins long. If you want to watch all parts right click on the vid and choose Watch on youtube, then you can watch all 3 parts. You would be mad not to)

I could go on all day but I need to watch the rest of Battle of the planets so I will leave it there for now. What cartoons did you watch as a kid? The 1970’s were such a great decade for cartoons but I am sure there are some that I can’t remember so I would love to hear from you so that I can re-visit more classic cartoon capers


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