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Shiver me timbers, Christmas is off the starboard bow!

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When it comes to buying christmas cards for people, I have never been able to find any that I really like. I am not one for traditional cards with pictures of holly and ivy or sickly winter scenes. Cards with … Continue reading


Stickier than Sticky the Stick Insect…

Everyone loves stickers and sticking them on things, well not everyone but most people surely… There is no better way to funk up your laptop, pimp your journal, snazzify that fridge, groove out your lunchbox or re-vamp the bathroom mirror. … Continue reading


Christmas card sneak preview…

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I’m not usualy one for jumping on band wagons and creating stuff for the miriad of holidays that we have through the year but I thought it might be a bit of a chuckle to make some christmas cards this … Continue reading


Robotto Tees!

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An up close and personal look at the Robotto range of clothing If you buy one of these Tee’s for yourself, make sure you get one for your robot too or it will only get jealous and steal yours. . … Continue reading