Robotto Tees!

An up close and personal look at the Robotto range of clothing

If you buy one of these Tee’s for yourself, make sure you get one for your robot too or it will only get jealous and steal yours. . .

Available in round or vee neck, girlie tight fit, long sleeve and hoodie, as well as kids sizes and even baby grows!


Ooh look! White text so you can have a black tee and still see the word ROBOTTO…




The Robotto Repeato Tee is just the ticket for you if one is never enough. 30 Robotto’s for the price of one!



You can also get this one with the cunning white text, plus it has white robots too! I know, will wonders ever cease?


€23.13 (Tee - €21.12)


If you deck your nipper out in a Robotto beam baby grow, all the other babies will be throwing the toys out of their prams with jealous rage


From €15.88 (Tee - €21.12)


Are your ears too big? Well a Robo world Hoodie is just the thing for you! Just raise the hood to cover up those lug holes…


€41.48 (Tee - €21.12)

Don’t delay, get your ROBOTTO clobber today!

For the full range of Purple Cactus clobber, click the “Clothing Catalogue” link at the top of the page



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