Stickier than Sticky the Stick Insect…

Everyone loves stickers and sticking them on things, well not everyone but most people surely… There is no better way to funk up your laptop, pimp your journal, snazzify that fridge, groove out your lunchbox or re-vamp the bathroom mirror. Just about anything that is plain could benefit from a well placed sticker, or twelve.

Did you know that Purple Cactus clobber designs are available as stickers?

NO, I hear you cry! Well you had better take a gander at these to tickle those taste buds then…

Each sticker is approximately 10cm from top to bottom and comes with its own sticky stuff already applied to the back. How thoughtful eh!

Buy any 6 Purple Cactus stickers and you will get a 50% discount. Yup that’s right half price or 6 for the price of 3 or buy 3 get 3 free… BRILLIANT!!

There are stacks more to choose from. Just click on any of the sticker images above or any Tee shirt image to be whisked away to my shop where you can spend vast amounts of cash on stickers and then stick em all over the place

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