Shiver me timbers, Christmas is off the starboard bow!

When it comes to buying christmas cards for people, I have never been able to find any that I really like. I am not one for traditional cards with pictures of holly and ivy or sickly winter scenes. Cards with a jolly fat man on the front send shivers up and down my spine and as for nativity scenes… Well lets just say I’m not a fan.

It’s not that I am anti Christmas or anything of the sort, I am just not one for jumping on band wagons. If a stray beer wagon wanders past I’ll be leaping with the rest of them but band wagons are always so full that there never seems to be room for me.

This year I have decided to design some christmas cards myself and it’s quite a bit harder than I thought it was going to be. My primary goal is to make a card that I would buy myself but of course, I want other people to buy them as well. This means that they have to tick a few boxes. The main one being that it’s hard to have a christmas design without having the same old christmas elements such as baubles, santa hats, decorated trees, reindeer etc. I also found that a lot of the ideas I was having were too dark and even offensive or just too vague for people to even guess that it was a christmas card at all.

So my plan has been to take an image that is as far away from christmas as possible and give it a comical christmas twist. My first design, which you can see in an earlier blog post was the grim reaper (It’s not as bad as it sounds…) and I have to say that I’m really happy with it and it makes me chuckle every time I see it.

For my second unveiling I have gone a bit, salty sea dog. A touch shiver me timbers. A little ahoy matey. So splice the mainbrace, take a good swig of rum and tug your forelock for the next card in my series…

This card will be on sale along with the rest very soon, so keep your eyes peeled here on the Purple Cactus blog for more information over the coming days

2 responses to “Shiver me timbers, Christmas is off the starboard bow!

  1. Nice! I like it. But maybe because I’m such a fan of Pirates and Christmas. Arrgh! Yo, ho ho ho! ;-)

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