Staring you in the face…

37 cups of tea, 13 bananas, 1 chocolate cake and 3 cases of numb bumb = 2 brand new clobber designs!!

I have wanted to do some designs with funky, busy backgrounds for quite a while now. When I started ths project, I was in quite a happy place so what better than lots of smashing swirly lines and a pretty girl


The face - €21.12

Well it turns out that getting these backgrounds right is not quite as easy as it seems. What colours to choose? How many swirls? What type of swirls? How much paint splat is too much? Is it too soon to have another cup of tea? So many questions, so few brain cells. So by the time I had finished this one I was not such a happy bunny and was starting to get a bad case of background rage. It was time to punk it up!


Rage - €21.12


For the full range of Purple Cactus clobber, click the “Clothing Catalogue” link at the top right of the page


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