First submission to Threadless…

I have known about Threadless for a fair old while now and often stare in awe at the amazing designs that the artists produce. For a new designer it is quite daunting to try and get your work out there, wherever there is. When you first go to a site like redbubble or threadless and look at what is on offer, it makes you feel quite inadequate, or that is how I felt anyway. The art is of such a high standard and there is so much of it that even thinking that other people will notice your work is an impossible thought. I have been using redbubble for about 2 years now and Zazzle for a few months. I have had some success but not enough to make me think that my work stands out from the crowd.

After a while you really have two choices. You can either give up on the dream that one day you will be able to make a living from selling your art or designs or you can start to look at things a little differently and take steps towards spreading your wings and jumping into the big blue yonder. I came pretty close to giving up and just designing for fun as I really didn’t think that my work was any good. Then a couple of weeks ago I noticed how much attention my work was actually getting. People weren’t buying it but they were looking at it and commenting on it. My designs were being featured in groups and are listed among the most popular work on redbubble.

So maybe the problem is not that people don’t like my work but that they don’t buy it. Now obviously, if I am going to make a living from this then I have to get people to buy my designs or art. Now marketing is an art in itself and it’s not an artform that I know much about or am any good at. Luckily the internet can do so much of the work for you.

I started to use twitter about a month ago and interest in my work has greatly improved. It is another platform for me to get my name out there and it works quite well. I have made sales that would not have happened if I did not use twitter and I can also see what other designers are up to and what trends are taking the design world by the scruff of the neck.

I am now in the process of taking the next step on my T-shirt, world domination assault. I have submitted my first design to Threadless. It’s called Devils rejects and you can see 2 mockups (Thanks ninthwheel) up at the top and just underneath this. For those that don’t know, Threadless is a site where people vote for designs that they like, giving them a score between 0 and 5. The designs with the highest marks are then taken on as Threadless designs and the artists gets a lump sum for their design. The fee for a winning design is $2000, which in my book is pretty darn groovy.

Now, I am not expecting to get any designs chosen but, for me it is a great way to judge which of my designs work and which don’t. Many of the people on the site are designers themselves and boy are there some crackers on there. To get a good mark from other designers that have been doing this a lot longer than me and have their fingers on the pulse of the t-shirt world, is worth more than it’s weight in gold.

The best thing is that if one of my designs does get chosen, not only do I get a nice chunk of money to maybe buy some stock and start a market stall or try and get it in some small shops but better than that, Threadless sells oodles of shirts and mine will be among them. This means people will be out there, wearing my work and advertising it for free. Most of my business has come from people seeing a person wearing one of my shirts and asking where they got it. So it’s a win win situation. I get paid and get stacks of free advertising. Can’t be bad.

I would love to know if anyone out there has had any success with threadless or has any tips and tricks, to get noticed or get sales. Of course as this post is all about advertising and selling yourself, please feel free to share your sites with us all so that we can go and have a good rumage through your work.

You can find my Threadless submission HERE and if you feel like making me smile you can vote for it!

If you really want to make me smile then pay a visit to either my Redbubble or Zazzle stores and spend vast amounts of your hard earned cash… Bwa ha ha

Okay okay, I know, shamefull self promotion but it is my blog right?! It could be worse I could be asking you follow me on TWITTER or FACEBOOK. Of course that would just be taking things too far, so I wouldn’t dream of then mentioning that you can share this, rather splendid, post by clicking one of the little buttons, just down there…

He he enough already!

One response to “First submission to Threadless…

  1. Nice! I wish you lots of luck in your designs. I’m one of the few who stare and look at your designs, but don’t buy… because I’m frugal (*cough* cheap). But, I will give you an vote and follow you on FaceBook. I don’t Twitter, sorry. ;-)

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