Put it on, plug yourself in and pray to the god of music…

The final installment in the Purple Cactus ‘I love music’ tshirt series is here and I think that it is the best of the bunch.

Apart from using complimentary colours to increase the impact, this design takes the head to a new level, with details of a face visible within the typography. The headphones now have some soft cell shading, which gives them depth and brings them together with the new details of the head.

You can grab this brand new design as a round or vee neck tee as well as a long sleeve and a rather dashing hoodie. Tee’s are also available in kids sizes and just about any colour you could wish for. You can even chose to have the design on the front or back of your garment… Can’t be bad.

Prices start at €21.29 for adult tees and €14.95 for kids. Just click HERE or on one of the images above to purchase. I don’t know how long this design will be available at this price for, so grab one while you can!

You can check out the other designs in the series HERE

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