Holy priceless collection of Etruscan snoods Batman! It’s a new collection of t-shirts from Purple Cactus…

I grew up watching re-runs of Adam west and Burt Ward, battling the evil deeds of the Joker, Penguin, the Riddler and Catwoman. The tongue in cheek parodies were lost on me as a boy. I just thought that they were the coolest crime fighters, ever!

My favourite parts were the fight scenes, with their over the top acting and fantastic visual sound effects. Bright flashes of ‘Kapow’, ‘Zzonk’ and ‘Crash’, filled me with excitement. When I was a youngster I wanted to be Batman and now, er… well I still want to be Batman. My Batcape is getting a bit worn out now and the tights… well lets just say I don’t have the legs for them anymore!

So here, for me and all the other Batman wannabees out there (but mainly for me) is my new series of Batman fight sound t-shirts!

As always, each shirt is available for both men and women, as well as kids and even little babies (aahhh…)

You can get them all in 21, yes you heard me correctly… 21 colours! And as well as t-shirts you can have one as a long sleeved top, a hoodie or even as a rather awesome sticker…

Prices start at €14.95 for the kids Tees and €21.29 for adults stuff. The stickers are an absolute bargain at €2.14!

So what are you waiting for? Stop reading this rubbish and click on the shirt of your choice to be whisked away to a splendid page where you can purchase one for your very own.

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