Come a little closer… Don’t be shy

A large amount of my time is spent on illustrations at the moment but all this pen tool malarky is pretty new to me. I started out as a photographer and am looking forward to spring arriving so that I can get stuck into it again. As a kind of prelude to some new photographic work, that I will be producing soon, I thought I would share some of the pictures I have taken and worked on in the past.

The majority of my work is nature photography. I have always had a strong connection with nature and try to keep that connection when I create an image. There are 3 distinct stages in my approach to creating a picture through photography, only one of which actualy involves the camera. The first stage is to find the subject of the shot and for me that means getting in amongst it. I want to portray, what I find beautiful about nature, the lines, colours, shapes and balance that are so easy to overlook. I try to give the viewer an intimate view into a world that they walk past day after day without stopping to look.

I tend to look past flowers to what is going on around or behind them. many of my shots focus on the leaves or stems of plants rather than the brightly coloured parts that normaly catch our eye. For me, that is where the real beauty is and uncovering it and displaying it is what I am all about.

The second stage is to capture the subject with my camera. A digital camera means that I can shoot as much as I like without having to worry about using up film or the cost of developing it. With this in mind I usually shoot the subject from different angles, with different depths of field and focal points, as well as different positions within the frame.  Exposure is not so important to me at this stage as I tend to control that in the third stage, so most of the time I let the camera work out the exposure for me.

The last stage is the most improtant for me and is where I feel that I create the actual art. This stage is the editing and processing of the shot. All of my editing work is done in photoshop, including creating my own textures. I don’t use presets as I feel that each shot needs to have its own personality, so all of the adjustments are done by hand and are different for each shot.

For me, photography is all about escape and discovery and viewing the world through a lens makes you notice details that would normally go unnoticed. There is so much hustle and bustle in our lives today that it is not often we take the time to slow down and really see what is around us and that is a great shame. There is so much beauty out there if you only stop and look. But don’t forget to blink…

All of the work here is available to purchase through Simply click on one of the pictures to be whisked away to redbubble where you can grab one as a greeting or post card, poster or various different styles of framed print. Or click HERE to view my entire portfolio, with many other photographic works as well as illustrations, digital paintings and of course, tshirts.

7 responses to “Come a little closer… Don’t be shy

  1. Great array of photos. I especially like the second one from the top, with the water drop balancing near the tip of the leaf. Oh, and I also really like the two dandelions towering up, looking really big from this viewpoint. Good luck with your works on RedBubble!

    • Thanks very much zooky! The shot with the towering dandelions got me some very strange looks as I was lying on my back underneath them on a small patch of grass in the middle of Berlin. I couldn’t miss the opportunity though as they not only look tall but actually were the tallest Dandelions I have ever seen, a good half a metre I would say.

  2. Wow! Breath-taking photos! I love them a lot! Especially the last one. And I agree with you… life moves so very fast and we often forget to slow down and take in the nature around us. This is why I am a fan of most nature photography. Thanks for sharing! :-)

    • I’m so glad you like them, thank you! I really like the last shot too. That was done with two pebbles that I found and some olive oil. Great fun!

      • Hey, I never would have guessed that! lol. It looks like a natural spring very well edited with vibrant color. You have an awesome talent there, if I may say so. ;-)

        • Now you’re making me blush! Is that pay back for when I did it to you? ;o)

          • LOL! No… I’m just being honest. ;-)
            Keep with this, you have a natural “in” with digital art. I really do believe it! I wish you lots of luck and widespread discovery of your talents. :-)

            And besides, if I wanted to do vengeance, I’d play a childish prank on you… like ding-dong-ditch. If I knew where you lived. Or the popular internet prank of “Rick-rolled”. =p

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