What do you get if you mix typography, movies, music and grunge?

Those of you who know anything about me will know that I love movies and music, I am partial to a nice bit of grunge in my artwork and at the moment am falling head over heals for typography. Mix all this together and you get the beginings of a brand new series of artworks.

I have recently finished a collection of tshirts called I love music and wanted to make an artwork to go with the series. I wanted to keep the simplicity of the design but give it a little more depth so that it would translate into a stand alone work and so a series of movie style posters was born…

I loved the way this turned out so decided to give a similar treatment to my Platoon tribute tshirt and turned it into a redux poster as well.

I really enjoyed creating these posters and after finding a formular that worked for the textures and grunge aspect of the artwork, as well as the movie poster theme I just had to create another one. What better place to find inspiration than from some corking Grindhouse and so Deathproof redux was born.

I was a little more experimental with the placement of the typography in this one to try and keep the shape of the cars body and fleshed the whole thing out with some extra detail in a dynamic flash and some tape to hold the sub text.

I will deifinetly be doing more of these and would love to hear your suggestions for future topics. Maybe you have a fave movie that you would like to see or an iconic object that could do with some special treatment. Just let me know below and if I turn your idea into a poster I will send you a print of the finished design. Free stuff, hooray!!!

7 responses to “What do you get if you mix typography, movies, music and grunge?

  1. Love these posters! How do I get my hands on one incase I don’t win a freebie???

    How about kill bill? Plenty of great quotes and images to use!

    • Loving the Kill Bill idea Lilsmasher!
      You can buy the posters @redbubble.com. Just click on one of the posters and it will link you to another page where you can buy one as a poster, print or greeting card. You can get the tshirts there too!

  2. Hi Pete :)
    I really love these posters. The only idea I got so far watching these and reading the post was something Sin City related – I think you could do something awsome with that!
    Great blog as well, btw! :)

  3. Cool posters. Silence of the lambs is my choice. Love that movie

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