A tshirt design, work in progress – Aces & eights

If you, like me love the series Deadwood then I’m sure you will appreciate this design.  Aces and eight was the poker hand that wild Bill Hickock was holding when he was shot in the back by “Broken Nose” Jack McCall and is now commonly know as the Dead mans hand.

When I am creating an illustration I always get to a stage where I don’t know if it needs more or not. The ‘more’ can take many different forms, colour, detail, background, text etc. Well I am at that stage now with this design, so thought I would bung it up on the blog and see if anyone wants to give me a critique.

So don’t be shy, leave me a little comment and let me know what you think. If you don’t have time to comment, how about cliking one of the thumbs up or thumbs down buttons. See… They’re just down there, underneath this…

Ta very much!

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