One step closer to world domination

Well slap my thigh and call me Rodger, cover me in jam, I’m a Jammy Dodger! have started listing my tshirts on their site. I spent all day yesterday celebrating by drinking vast amounts of tea and even had some biscuits (I live on the edge).

If you are not familiar with shirtoid then you probably don’t like cool tshirts and would more than likely drink coffee in the morning rather than tea (don’t worry there is still time to see the light). Shirtoid showcases cool, nerdy, geeky, mashed up tshirts and gives you a direct link to the shop for each shirt so that you can get one for your very own.

So far, shirtoid have chosen my ‘Blammo’ design and ‘Aces & eights’ and it’s great to see my work among so many great designs. Massive thanks to the people behind who help us designers get our names out there. They do all this work completely free of charge!

You can also find heaps of designs by the marvelous RobotrobotROBOT. He has all kinds of smashing stuff!

So don’t buy shirts from big hightstreet stores, support independent designers and use shirtoid to shop. Not only will you feel good but you will also be wearing the coolest stuff out there!

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