Purple Cactus tees make you sexy…

You too could pull off a sexy pose like like Dan here, if you were wearing a Purple Cactus tee. People in New Zealand are now flocking to Dans door, declaring their undying love for him and generally trying to get their hands on his purple y-fronts. He was also recently mobbed by penguins while visiting his local zoo and is rumoured to be awaiting the wonderful pitter patter of little flippers (but I could have just made that up).

If you fancy getting mobbed by penguins, zombies, robots or even invaders from another world then head over to ye olde cactus shoppe to procure your very own Purple Cactus tee

2 responses to “Purple Cactus tees make you sexy…

  1. Don’t need to go to the zoo for penguins here mate, just head to the coast!

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