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Skywalker’s Blue Milk

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A new design from me roughly based on a famous brand of whiskey. Luke can be seen drinking Blue milk in Episode IV of the original Star Wars trilogy and it appears numerous times in the expanded universe. Blue milk … Continue reading


Purple Cactus tees make you sexy…

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You too could pull off a sexy pose like like Dan here, if you were wearing a Purple Cactus tee. People in New Zealand are now flocking to Dans door, declaring their undying love for him and generally trying to … Continue reading


Purple Cactus tshirt causes invasion from outerspace!

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Sorry everyone, I never intended to start an intergalactic war but it seems that one of my tshirts has caught the intention of invaders from outerspace. please stay in your homes and try to remain calm… Luckily for us Ian, … Continue reading


Alternative Christmas cards…

Christmas isn’t just about good little boys and girls. Zombies, Pirates and even the Grim reaper can be found on December 25th, wearing daft party hats and moaning that they have eaten too much turkey (except for zombies of course, … Continue reading