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Skywalker’s Blue Milk

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A new design from me roughly based on a famous brand of whiskey. Luke can be seen drinking Blue milk in Episode IV of the original Star Wars trilogy and it appears numerous times in the expanded universe. Blue milk … Continue reading


Star Wars Notebooks… These are the notebooks you are looking for

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The best notebooks in the galaxy!   Boba Fett Han’s Membrosia mash Trooper Not the notebook you are looking for Take a gander at all my notebooks, t-shirts and other geeky goodness in the Awesome Emporium


Star Trek Into Darkness trailer created with Lego!

Take a gander at this stop motion Lego version of the new Star Trek trailer, made by Antonio and Andrea Toscano. If I had a rating system for stuff, this would get five out of five Cacti ;o) And here … Continue reading


Kick-Ass 2 looks like it will live up to it’s name

Kick-Ass is back and this time with a whole team of Superheroes. Hit Girl, Colonel Stars and Stripes and Kick-Ass go up against Red mist’s son, The Mother F♥cker and his own team of evil villains. I loved the first … Continue reading