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Purple Cactus tees make you sexy…

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You too could pull off a sexy pose like like Dan here, if you were wearing a Purple Cactus tee. People in New Zealand are now flocking to Dans door, declaring their undying love for him and generally trying to … Continue reading


Purple Cactus tshirt causes invasion from outerspace!

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Sorry everyone, I never intended to start an intergalactic war but it seems that one of my tshirts has caught the intention of invaders from outerspace. please stay in your homes and try to remain calm… Luckily for us Ian, … Continue reading


Come a little closer… Don’t be shy

A large amount of my time is spent on illustrations at the moment but all this pen tool malarky is pretty new to me. I started out as a photographer and am looking forward to spring arriving so that I … Continue reading


Inspiring stuff…

When I don’t have my head buried in photoshop or Inkscape, designing something of my own, I can usually be found wandering around the internet searching for inspiration and boy is there a lot of it out there. It doesn’t … Continue reading


Redbubble Features…

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Over the last week or so, I have been lucky enough to get some features that I am really proud of. I have started to do some graphic illustrations and am thrilled that 3 of these works have been featured … Continue reading


Ooh it’s a slideshow…

I have made a couple of slideshows from my photographs before and each time I make one, I think to myself Hmm I really must do some more of these but then my mind wanders off somewhere else and its … Continue reading


Redbubble Features and comp results

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It’s been a great week for me on the bubble with no less than 6 features and a top ten competition placing. I would like to say a huge thanks to the hosts of the groups and to everyone who … Continue reading